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LAVASTAR- pritty tortiseshell she-cat with golden eyes, *LEADER*

AQUASPLASH- silver blue she-cat with blue eyes, *DEPUTY*

LIONTAIL- large gray striped tom with amber eyes *WARRIOR*

WILDSTRIPE- large brown speckled tom with golden eyes and a white tiped tail *WARRIOR

RIVERSTONE- pritty silver and white she-cat with blueish green eyes *MEDICINE CAT*

 Marblepaw- handsom ginger and tan tom with a marbles pelt and yellow eyes *APPRENTICE*

BLACKWING- black tom with very light blue eyes and has a scar on his left leg and tail*WARRIOR*

 Spottedfur- Tortishell she-cat with yellow eyes *WARRIOR*

VIXENCLOUD- sleek redish brown she-cat with yellow eyes *WARRIOR*

FAWNPOOL- large brown and tan striped she-cat with blue eyes *QUEEN*

ICESTORM- tortishell and white tom with green eyes *WARRIOR*/LAVASTAR'S YOUNGER BROTHER/

Redstripe- ginger striped tom with a white chest and paws, has green eyes *WARRIOR*

WHITEPAW- small white tom with a secret............ *APPRENTICE*

Tigerkit- Fluffy tiger striped she-kit with amber eyes *KIT*/ HAS NO PARENTS

SUNPAW- orange tabby she-cat with blue eyes *APPRENTICE* /LAVASTAR AND LIONTAIL/

WILLOWPAW-black and grey she-cat with bright blue eyes *MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE* /LAVASTAR AND LIONTAIL/ 

 BLAZEPAW-tom with prominate white belly *APPRENTICE*/LAVASTAR AND LIONTAIL/

GREYPAW-grey she-cat with orange eyes *APPRENTICE* /LAVASTAR AND LIONTAIL/

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